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Embolistic month:

There is great confusion because people do not follow the simplicity of the Scriptures, that is, the beginning of the year taking into account the equinox and the new moon.

The earth makes an elliptical motion of 360 ° translation in approximately 360 days, which corresponds to the division of 12 periods corresponding to 30 °, only this movement is not as accurate as it seems ...

Each month the sun goes through a constellation, which is 8 ° above and below the ecliptic line. The whole constellation that is in this range is called the zodiacal constellation. Astrologers link each of the zodiacal seasons to the month in which the sun points to it ... We know that astrology has to do with popular belief, but the movement of the stars is real.

(360/12 = 30)

Year - Translation - 360 °

Month - Lunation - 30 ° - (29 days and 12 hours)

From 1922, when the International Astronomical Union (IAU) was created, the concept of constellation began to change and Ophiucus emerged as a 13th zodiacal constellation ... Which would be obvious since there is a 13th month ... the in the translation movement.

Shalom to all !!

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