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= The Tetragrammaton

= The Tetragrammaton

Yahweh = YAHRRUEH.
YAHSHUAH = Yahweh ... Yahweh is Salvation.

"Who has ascended into heaven and came down?
"Who has gathered the wind with open hands?
"Who tied the Sea in a robe?
"Who set the limits of the earth?
"What is your name, and the name of his son
If that is you? Proverbs Proverbs = 30.4.

This is an interesting question of the prophet to the people of the saints of the Most High.
On the importance of knowing the name of the Eternal Creator of all things, and also the name of his son Salvador.
In Isaiah Yashayahu = 52.6. Says ... my people shall know my name;
The tetragrammaton YHWH, refers to the name of the Eternal, in the original Hebrew.
It appears 6828 times in the Tanakh in Hebrew, and indicates therefore that it was very well known name and dispensed with the presence of auxiliary vowel (vowels interim).
The antiquity and legitimacy of the tetragrammaton YHWH as the name of the Eternal Creator to the Hebrews; It is proved in the passage from Exodus = Exodus chapter 3, where Gd revealed will Mosheh = Moses his name so far not revealed to man in the following words. Mosheh said .. the Eternal; When I appear before the Hebrew people and tell them; The Helohim of your ancestors has sent me to you, and they ask me, What is his name? What they say? Adonai said to Mosheh "Ehyeh Asher Ehyer, that translates to BJC = Serey I am, what I said Serey = ... Tell that to the people of the Hebrews; Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh of the Helohim his parents, The Helohim of Abraham, the Helohim of Ytz'chak Helohim and of Jacob, hath sent me unto you. This is my name forever, I want to be remembered this way, generation after generation .. Now even the Egyptians shall know that I AM .. YUD-HEH-HEH-VAV.
I appeared to Abraham and Jacob and The Ytz'chak as Adonai Helohim Tiz, va'ot = The Almighty the Almighty, but by my name Yahweh I did not know them; Exodus Exodus = 6.2. It is so written in the Tanakh.
In Devarym Dt =-6, 4. The Eternal back to emphasize his name to the Israelites saying ... listen ... Ô Yashorul = Ysarel YUD-HEH-HEH-VAV is, in Hebrew is pronounced like "YUD-HEH-HEH-VAV echad. = Echad echad is a numeral is the number one, meaning that He is unique.
.echad.  Echad=errad é  um  numeral é  o  numero  um,  significando  que Ele  é  único.

The concern to make clear its name to the Hebrews. He YUD-HEH-HEH-VAV warn his people, saying .. the name of other Helohim (gods) or you remember; Exodus Exodus = 23,1,2.
Later recalling the prophet said ... He whose glorious arm, he did go to the right hand of Moses Mosheh =? What divided the waters before them, to create a "NAME Yud-HEH-HEH-VAV" eternal?; Yashayahu = Isaiah, 63.12 to 16.
There is information that the exchange of names, appeared in translation from the Latin Vulgate of Jerome in the 4th century. What is confirmed by findings confirming the permanence of the name YHWH in the Septuagint (version 70). Only in the last book of the Tanakh the prophet Malakias the Tetragrammaton YHWH in Hebrew characters appears about 48 times.
A search of the Tanakh of Jewish Yahudim = ... where the Tetragrammaton appears 6828 times, the evidence shows that they always used the YUD-HEH-HEH-VAV as the name of the Eternal.
It was recently found older copies of the Septuagint (Version 70) Greek containing the tetragrammaton YHWH, albeit in fragmented form. One of them discovered in Egypt, are the fragmentary remains of a papyrus roll of the LXX with a piece of Devarym = Deut-32, identified as Papyrus 3.6 foud Inventory No. 266. It features 49 times the Tetragrammaton written in square Hebrew characters, and each occurrence of unidentified fragments in YHVH (The 116 and 117, and 123) The experts date the papyrus as a century before Mashiach; And in this case were written four or five centuries before the manuscripts already mentioned.


     He stood up in the city of Olympia (Ancient Greece). Represented Zeus crowned. The statue was of gold, ivory, marble and ebony. The monument, according to Josephus, Jewish historian of the time, was the most perfect work of antiquity.
     There is more than this statue, believing that it was destroyed in 1215 by an earthquake. It is said that the famous statue was 14 meters high, and in them saw themselves very rich inclustações gems. He painted a famous artist name Panainos. It would be marvelous work of the sculptor Phidias.
     Filocloro The historian, who wrote a century after the time of Phidias, says that as soon as it finished the statue was put to death by élidos. It is said that their descendants were in charge of custody and cleaning of the statue. The closer the date of his death is 431 BC. Epítecto said "be a misfortune to die without having beheld the statue of Olympian Zeus."

Commenting that the oldest fragments of the Septuagint Greek actually contains YHWH in Hebrew characters. Dr P, Kahle says ... we now know that the Greek text of the Septuagint as far as it was written by Jews for Yahudim = Yahudim = Jews did not translate the divine name YHWH by Kyrios (Greek = lord) but the Tetragrammaton written with Hebrew letters was retained in such manuscripts. It was the Christians who replaced the Tetragrammaton by the Greek Kyrios (Lord) as early as the 4th century. When the divine name was no longer understood.
Fulfilling the words of the Hebrew prophets ... prophets are prophets prophesy lies and deceit ... and make my people forget my name "Yahweh" as their fathers have forgotten my NAME YHVH; Yahmiahu = Jeremiah 23 , 26.27.
In the second half of the first millennium was present, the scribes known as Masoretes (Doctors of the Torah) introduced a system of vowel points to facilitate the reading of the Hebrew consonantal text. The Masorah was a set of critical comments and grammar (spelling, vocalization, split into sentences and paragraphs, etc..) The word "Massorah" is a Hebrew word that means "TRADITION
In ancient Hebrew writing only with consonants and vowels were pronounced only, ie, the vowels were transmitted through generations of the Jewish people, orally and not in written form, since the writing of Hebrew had only consonants .

The Masoretes were responsible for the addition of vowels in modern Hebrew text.

 The standardization of signs and punctuations created by the Masoretes occurred around the tenth century with the work of families ben Asher and ben Naphtali. One of those families, that of Ben Asher, was responsible for the production of important manuscripts, such as the Cairo Codex (895 AD), the Aleppo Codex (AD 900-950) and the Leningrad Codex (1008 AD). The records contained in these codices are known as Masoretic texts. The Old Testament text that appears in our Bibles today is based on the Masoretic texts.

GOTTWALD, Norman K. Socioliterária Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. Tra-introduction of Anacleto Alvarez. St. Paul, Pauline, 1988.
E-SWORD. the sword of the lord with an eletronic edge. 2007. Software Tools and Reviews Bible.
 The Masoretic signs that make a difference, in this case, we are interested to identify the true pronunciation for the names of the Father and the Son YAHUEH YAHSHUAH obviously with the prefix name of the Father Yah + shua = Salvation YAHUEH, are. . Kamatz the Shuruk, and Patar. "Let's put them in their proper places in this sequel to the surprise of many who advocate a transliteration incompatible and define the time Correct pronunciation; YAHUEH and YAHSHUAH. The Masoretic Kamatz Patar Depending YUD under the Home gives the pronunciation YA. The lyrics sound HEY have double R (RR) changes in the middle and end. So now we got YOD-HEY. The VAV with the Masoretic Shuruk, Vav gives the sound of U, and Tetragrammaton Lyrics Final HEY well, but in the end, mute, then forming: YOD HEY VAV HEY four-letter Tetragrammaton HOLY NAME OF THE FATHER.
 YAHWEH = יַהְוֶה Remembering that Hebrew is always written from right to left
This is the quadratic form of the sacred Tetragrammaton-press-or modern-without the Masoretic. By placing the signs we identify the Masoretic pronunciation, phonetic sound, phoneme-correct. It is the sacred Tetragrammaton leaving the numerous transliterations
 Yahweh is the only name that is really the proper name of ETERNAL CREATOR. The other names are titles and not names properly.

The name Yahweh = יַהְוֶה is derived from the causative form of the Hebrew verb Havah (הָוָה), which means "being" or "exist".
And according to Jewish tradition is the third person singular imperfect of the verb BE.
The name Yahweh means "He is there
YUD HEY VAV HEY plus the letter Shin Sh = x and with sound Masoretic SHURUK VAV = "U" with the Ayin Patar, "A" = and = H at the end HEY Mute = עושהי
עושהי = YAHUSHUA son's name written from right to left in Hebrew characters transliterated.
Portuguese: as you can see it has no name, massôrach,
י). Yod = Y
ה). Hey Ah =
ש). Shin = X = SH
ו) VAV shuruk = U
ע). Ain = A
 ה) = H Hey DUMB.
   עושהי = YAHSHUAH
His name contains the Tetragrammaton YHWH, which forms also the name of his Father Avinu SHE-BA-SHAMAYIN, or Our Father in Heaven

The name of the eternal in its full form.
Yahweh ..................... (Yarrueh) fully
Yahu trilítera way .....................
Yah so ...................... bilitera.
Therefore, the child's name has Yahshuah itself
The full meaning of "Yah Shuah = + = Yahweh is Salvation הוהי = עושהי
Yah prefix the name of the Father Yahweh, Shuah = Salvation ... ... hwhy HAUHSHAY.
Remembering that in Hebrew writes from right to left.
For lack of better information formed
groups .... Yahweh.
....................... Yahu.
....................... Yah.
  HALLELU היוללה = HALLELU YAH YAH YAH = praise!

 The PRAISE YAH = YAHSHUAH; hallel praise the name of the Eternal Yah, not perfect? If the father's name was hallelu God would be god if jesus was the son, would hallelu SUS, no? How is the Christian who says hallelu yah? Will switch to hallelu hallelu SUS or god?
In Yachonam Yahshuah = JOHN 5:43 says "I CAME IN THE NAME OF MY FATHER" (Yahshuah = Yahweh is Salvation), and ye receive me not, if another comes in his own name (Jesus, God ;) will receive.
The churches of Jesus "appeared in his own name and was welcomed by many, but YAHSHUAH always acted in the name of the Father

See the following connection:
JE-SUS (DE-US) JU-GOD (Jeru-SALEM What is the existing connection here between these names? Beyond the letter J above all that only came into existence it from CENTURY 16-7. There is no grammatical connection! NO! now compare:


Here is fulfilled the words of Yahweh through his prophets; 'basement so my name upon the children of Israel Yashorul = and = I will bless them ... and all peoples on earth will see that you bear the name of Yahweh, and be in awe you ... Numbers M'dbar = 6,26,27. and Devarym Dt =-28, 10.
Alright! we can clearly make the connection between the name of the Father, Son, the holy city and the people. As stated in Daniel 9:19 ... "Listen ... because YHWH your city (Yahshalaym) and your people (Yahudim = Jews) are called by thy name (Yahweh). Revelation 14:1 And ...... 144,000 forehead with YOUR NAME AND THE NAME YOUR FATHER YAHWEH =. יַהְוֶה Yahshuah = עושהי .. "Revelation 22: 4" And they shall see his face, and his forehead is hashem D = NAME IT.
 Hashem, meaning "name" is the definite article ha, and is pronounced "o"
SEE HÁ'SHEM = NAME-OF - "Father" and "Son
Yahweh = יַהְוֶה YAHSHUAH = עושהי
Always remember that in Hebrew is written from right to left!

LETTER ... J. ..
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia; Explain to us rationally the question of the letter J. It is true that there is no letter J in Hebrew, Greek and latym. How, then, that letter appears in biblical names in almost every language with which we are familiar?
Because all bring Bibles Jeremiah Jerusalem Judah etc.,! ... If there is no letter J in Hebrew iAlfabetys Yvrii = '. What happened was this, the Greeks engaged in translating the Hebrew Scriptures (note that the Scriptures, the Tanakh, and Bryt Hadashah, are mentioned as being originally Hebrew) to his Greek (Septuagint Version = 70) did not find the Greek language as one that corresponds to the Hebrew YUD. The solution was vowel Greek IOTA use, which corresponds to our I. So wrote Ieremias, starting with I, and so on, including "Iesous" NO YUD Hebrew letter represents both the vowel and the consonant Y. I The same happens with the latym with the letters I and U. The use of the letters J and V to represent consonantal U and I, took place at the time of rebirth, was broadcast by Pierre de La Ramée, French philosopher, reformer of Aristotelian logic, joined the Protestant Reformation in 1561. He was killed in the massacre that followed the night of S Bartholomew on August 8, 1572.
Institutions dialectical wrote in 1543. The term "letter ramista" was being a common name given to the consonants J and V, in honor of him. "Surveyed in the Little Encyclopaedia Britannica Publications from Brazil Ltda. Cause this really strange name change savior Hebrew" Yahshuah "to Jesus with J, of which as explained, there is no letter J in Hebrew = Alfabets Yvrii. And we all know that name does not translate, is a crime called "misrepresentation" and go to jail. Any teacher knows serious linguistic addition.
About the translations of the Bible we read that says "Encyclopaedia Britannica 1974-79-Vol-10-pg 126 ... The doctrine developed gradually over several centuries. And through many controversies, initially for two reasons, the requirement of monotheism inherited from the Tanakh = Old Testament, and the implication for the need to interpret the teachings of the Bible to the Greco-Roman paganism.
So the finger of the Roman Catholic Christian, was always present in the translation of the Scriptures, for other lingual. Then getting the Scriptures under the total domination and influence of Rome.
See what the professor of Ancient History at USP, said Maria Luiza Corassim Magazine Super Interesante-Abril ... "From the fifteenth century, copies of the sacred books were in convents. They bundled together what I wanted"
The oldest manuscripts date from about the year 400 current era. And there are copies of copies, chosen from among the many Catholic priests and bishops gathered in council.
Besides bias, Bible translation has never been easy. Listen to the Commission Translation Bible Society of Brazil, in the commentary excerpted from "Nature and Purpose of the Bible Today's English" ... No translation of the Bible is perfect. The translators better than anyone, knows the difficulties of the task they have been delivered.
So it is a true fact, that the name of Jesus is false. In fact Pope Leo X, favoring an untruth because of its high grade, made this startling statement "that profit has not brought us this tale of the name Jesus Christ" Therefore, having built what they thought was most interesting, and useful in relation to its purposes; passed to spread around the world their ideas and religious beliefs. With this knowledge and reason were replaced by fables dogmatic mother's Babylon.
It should be noted that the harm that the world has suffered relegation with mental, enforced with religious beliefs and superstitions. With that true knowledge of the truth, suffers stagnation sensitive.
The only class really benefited with religion, it is the institutions themselves. The legend of the name of Jesus Christ near identically parallels the story of jeseu Krishinah, even in detail, as presented by noted mythologist and scholar Gerald Massey for over 100 years, also by the Rev Robert Taylor more than 160 years.
The pastor of the Baptist church Fanini made the following statement "I am Jesus, who is Brazilian" Mr. Fanini unfortunately made a bad choice, since there is no news of a savior Brazilian!.

The correct name is "Yahshuah" derivation of Yahweh, with the noun Shuah = Salvation; Yahshuah = Yahweh is salvation!
It is simple and practical for those who want to see, not invent.
In chapter 1.21 of mattytiahu = Matthew where the angel tells the name of the savior before he was born; Fulfilling Isaiah Yashayahu = 7.14. You see ... just in Hebrew karáta et shemou yahshuah ki hu yoshah et Amo aonoteiêm me ... that was transliterated as ...
"And call her Yahshuah Savior, for he shall save his people from all their sins"
transliterated Hebrew =====!
In verse 23 completes the prophecy of Isaias ... Yashayahu = "A virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall call him" Yah Imanu "whose meaning is" Yah us "Yah prefix the name of the Father is with us in the Hebrew Imanu !
Emanu El is a corruption idolizes; imanu prefix = us and the sun god El of the Canaanites beel!
This is the true and only name of the savior who came from Yahudim = Jews, the lion of the tribe of Judah and Yahudah = son of David.
So name does not translate nor changes, but י transliterates is different! every serious student of linguistics knows that. The fact that some want adptar or decline and there is no proper names in language, and lack of know it.
Therefore there is no adaptation of the name Yahshuah in any sense.
Be word = nickname, pseudonym.
Dative = Yahshuah would be like if it were a place, an object! which is not the case, he is a person and has a proper name.
Genitive = would be the idea that originates from Yahshuah; Which Greco-Roman name Jesus has no connection with the Hebrew "" "" "" "" "" Yahshuah. "
From the book "The Tetragrammaton"
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