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horn that grew a lot and had a mouth speaking blasphemy ... papacy!

About 666 beast to make war against the saints and to overcome them, there are seven passages referring, one time two times and half a time, 42 months and 1260 days, Daniel Danyahu = 7.25, and 12.7. And Revelation Hyzayom = 11,2,3. and 12,6,14.
and 13.5.
This is prophetic time, so they are 1260 years of great tribulation, and extended 538-1798 = era of Mashiach
According to historical data was in the year 508 "era of Mashiach," born between 10 European kingdoms, "the papal kingdom" a realm different from the others as given in the prophecy. The 10 kingdoms kingdoms were merely political, but this one ecclesiastical kingdom.
Since that year (508) the pope of Rome was placed at the head of all the churches, the Roman Emperor Justinian. Ficheiro:Charlemagne and Pope Adrian I.jpg"The empire and the church covenant ="
Were also later in the year 538 the 3 extinct Aryan kingdoms that ruled in Italy, and were part of the 10 kingdoms (horns) ... vandals ... the ... the ostroghots herulis. Let us a comment about this fact .... "Arianism assecialmente unorthodox originated with Aryan in 312," was the Mashiach "And fully disseminated among barbarians of Italy, and North Africa, being contrary to Catholic doctrine of the" Trinity
". Constituted, a hindrance to the papacy desenvolvimwento! Sanctuary that empires do not demolished Peter Murvil pg-26. Since that time then destroyed 3 of the 10 kingdoms, the spindly little horn "the kingdom different" just as the prophecy predicted. The pretensions of Justinian to give broad powers to the Pope spot were the, to reconquer the former Roman Empire which had collapsed by the Christian religion.
"Senate in the Roman Empire"

As totalmnte failed in his attempt, since the papal kingdom according to the prophetic narrative, grow and become a very large and solid empire politico-religious world. What actually happened, with the rapid expansion and effective papacy throughout Europe, Asia and Africa etc!. About this great apostasy that arose from the union of church and state. Tells the story ... Not really suffers doubt, that from the day of his victory over maxenio, Emperor Constantine, has expressed sympathy acting in favor of the new religion (Christianity) that had entered strongly in the Roman world. Constantine at first, and added benefits fravores the Roman Christian Church. As tax breaks, cash distribution etc.. Such a practice would backfire to the end of your reiinado. Initially the freedom of worship is the official doctrine of the empire; Early symbols of the new religion appear on the coins, which are wonderful instruments of propaganda, since "315 was the Mashiach." When Constantine became the champion of the new religion, Christianity. Gave him a privileged status, the sentences of the episcopal court, even in purely civil matter; were recognized as valid by the empire. The ability to inherit is given the Christian church, which allows the astonishing development of its assets. Multiplies the places deculto the new religion, and this time due to its booming demographic growth. Was adopted commonly, the type of architectural Basilica. Soon your number in Rome amounted to 40. The Empress Helena Saint Constantine eas sisters are Christians. Allowing the construction of magnificent temples Christians. The prophecy also stated that kingdom symbolized by the spindly little horn ... make war with the saints, and win (v. 21 - and Rev, 13.7. And this during a certain time of 1260 days = years. This period of persecution of the saints of the Most High by the little horn (the papacy) It is pre-figured in the prophetic word as being ... a time, times and half a time ... Dan, 7,25, and 12, 7. and Revelation 12:14. and 42 months

in Revelation 11.2. and 13.5. And 1260 days Reve, 11.3. and 12.6.
Altogether there are 7 passsagens prophetic concerning this time of great tribulation for 1260 years in the Middle Ages. Analyzing Danyahu prophecies of Revelation chapter 7 and chapter 13 and 17. Let us understand that they speak the same frame prophetic. For both marry perfectly! In the vision of chapter 13 Hizayom = Revelation, the talmidim Yachonam = disciple john reports the following ... I put myself on reia the sea, and saw a beast rising from the sea which had 7 heads and 10 horns ... the beast that I saw was like unto a leopard (3 animals = greece) and his feet as Bear (2nd pet = Medo-Persian) and his mouth as the Lion (1 pet = Babylon) and had 10 horns ... was given a mouth to blaspheme the name of the Eternal Yahweh ... was given power to make war against the saints and to overcome them. All features of this beast are emcorporadas in animals Danyahu chapter 7. So we all agree that the two prophecies have the same meaning. Because both realtos, refer to the same type of animal ... Lion .. Bear ... Leopard ... and a beast of 10 horns. The only difference is that the beast of Revelation also has 7 heads. Some scholars said the prophecy, which in the likeness of language between the descriptions, you could say that Yachonam = john just borrowed from Danyahu = Daniel. These animals are therefore symbols of the kingdoms of this world, upon which hashatan = Satan has exercised the power. The expreções "times in Hebrew means years"; 3 ½ years are 42 months and 42 Hebrew months 30 days are 1260 days; And considering that one day in prophecy is a year, Ezequiel Ezekiahu = 4.6. And Numbers 14.34. It is understood that all these prophetic times, show the 1260 years of the great tribulation; That the great spiritual Babylon "the kingdom different" filed against the saints ... the altissimo ... during the Middle Ages (538-1798 " era of Mashiach. "the small spindly little horn is the Papacy" a government politico-religious "and that is also represented by the 7th head of the beast of Revelation chapter 13. Exactly the head Yachona, = john saw ... "being mortally wounded and be healed." The dragon that gave the beast his throne and power, is Satan through the Roman Empire. That through their emperors gave all authority to the popes, as heads of the Roman Catholic Church Christian. Among the 10 kingdoms that arose from the division of Rome by the barbarians; developed this ecclesiastical power sau different in essence from other realms. On which exerted great influence. In faithful compliance of proefcia, 3 kingdoms Aryans who tried to prevent his desenvolvimwento; were slaughtered by it, and finally destroyed. And then the Papacy extended its influence over all the earth. Subjugating the whole inhabited world ... Vol 3-hit-maturity Junior High-pg-10 Herodotus de Souza. We read in history that power was the only one to survive the empire, strengthening further with the conversion of the Germans. From then until the end of the 16th century, the church Catholic Christian, was the great sovereign of men. Establishing standards policies, and social econimicas. Its responsibilities were broad and general, and its domain and total of all rulers of the earth; "Hist general-vol-1-pg 84-108, Ricardo Moura would." Your representative "Pope" went on to say that Adam had given the world so he divide it among the people; 3rd vol-hist-maturity junior pg-110 Herodotus de Sousa. There could be more faithful to the prophetic description of him that says ... rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain, Daniel Danyahu = 11.39. The beast with 10 horns and seven heads, is the Roman Empire based in Rome, which is built on 7 hills! The 10 horns are the 10 kingdoms that arose from his division as explained above. The 7 heads the angel declared to be "7 mountains and 7 kings also" kings had spent 5 days in Yachonam = john; 1 reigned, the other the 7th head had not yet come; "Hizayom = 17.10 revelation. The city of Rome was founded around 753 before Mashiach, on seven hills literals, which are its seven hills: Palatine, Aventine, Campidoglio (Capitol or), Quirinale, Viminale, Esquilino and Celio. According to Roman myth, the city was founded about 753 (effective date) by Romulus and Remus, two brothers raised by a wolf, which are currently the city's symbols.
Celio - dominates the Coliseum and the School of Gladiators (Ludus Magnus). Palatino - archaeological remains of the palaces of the emperors. Campidoglio - is the center of City Hall in the square designed by Michelangelo. Aventine - is the hill of the Circus Maximus, famous thanks to memorably movie Ben Hur. Viminale Hill - the baths of Diocletian with Exedra Plaza and National Avenue, the shopping boulevard. Quirinale - is the largest palace in Italy which is the seat of the President of the Republic with over 1000 rooms. Esquilino - on top you can admire the largest basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary "Santa Maria Maggiore". The seven kings of the seven forms of speech by which governments spent Roma ... kings ... consuls ... decinveros ... triunveros dictators ... ... ... papal emperors. In the days of Yachonam = john, 5 ways ... 1 of them had passed there, the imperial form, The 7th and final form, the pope, had not yet arrival; Hizayom = Revelation 17.10. 3rd vol-hist-maturity junior-pg 57-62-Herodotus de Sousa.


"I saw the sea rise, a beast that had seven heads and 10 horns ... Hizayom = Revelation 13.
This is the beast that Yachonam saw rising sea embodying all 4 animals Danyahu = Daniel chapter 7.


One of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, and I will show you the judgment against the great whore that sits on many waters. " With her the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have drunk with the wine of her fornication. He took me in the Spirit into the wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold, precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. On her forehead was a name written, mystery: "Babylon the great, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Yahshuah.
When I saw her I was amazed with great amazement "(Revelation 17:1-6).
This prophecy speaks of Rome ecclesiastical and not the literal city of Rome; Therefore a framework is prophetic spirit!
Being a spiritual Babylon emerging from the ruins of Rome stuff.

The beast with 7 heads and 10 horns which the woman sits on it, is the Roman Empire based in Rome, a city built on seven hills. The seven heads of the beast malak = angel charge be told, seven hills and also seven kingdoms. Verses 9.
And to get understanding of prophecy, was told by God's messenger, be necessary to have wisdom ... here is wisdom ... sense that v 9.
Well, everyone knows the 7 hills that are 7 hills on which is built the city of Rome material, and also the spiritual city = Vatican = Great Babylon!

The 7 kings 7 show the ways in which governments spent Roma ... Kings ... Consuls ... Decinveros ... Trinuviratos .. Dictators ... Emperors ... and the papacy, which is undoubtedly the 7th form
world government based in Rome.
(Historia general = Cezar Cantú)

On days that the book of Revelation was written Hizayom =; Rome had undergone five forms of existing governments ... the 6th, imperial form, The 7th the papacy was not yet come; arrived later at 508 "was the Mashiach. " Continuing the angel told John that Yachonam = ... the beast that was, is not and will come. Is it the 8th kingdom and is the 7 kingdoms, V 11. How to understand this? If it is the 8th kingdom, would naturally be of 8 and never of 7! Have you seen 8th of 7? not right!
Well I'll show them!
Well, the beast is the papacy described here the small spindly little horn of Daniel 7 = Danyahu. Born among the 10 horns of the animal and destroyed 3 of 10 staying with him totaled 7 8, so it is the 8th Danyahu = kingdom of Daniel 7. And it is also the 7 kingdoms to be the 7th head of the beast Hizayom chapters 13 and 17.
Hence then the prophecy say that the beast is the eighth kingdom while is the 7 kingdoms!!

"A woman clothed with scarlet"

In Book Documents of the Christian church, pg 244, by Henry Benttenson
Is the following statement attributed to Martin Luther.
Now that Italy is a dry fountain, they come for Germany. They get so quiet, but soon we will see Germany reduced to the same state that Italy. We already have some Cardinals. What papists really want to make the "drunken Germans" not summer but when they have lost everything ... Now this diabolical state of affairs is not only open to thievery, deception, and the growing prevalence of the gates of hell, but is still
destroying the very soul and life of genuine faith.
So we are forced to use all our diligence to remove this calamity and destruction. If we want to fight the Turks start here-then we can not find Turkish worse. As fair enforcarmos decapitarmos thieves and robbers.
Why leave unpunished the greed of the church of Rome?
For the Church of Rome is the greatest thief and robber that ever appeared on earth, or ever will appear (in that prediction Luther was wrong, he knew it would come after the beast 666 "his image" with the same spirit of greedy thief and a robber .)
And all in the holy name of the Church and Peter S. Sãopedro1.jpgSãopedro1.jpg "The Basilica of S Peter in the Vatican built with the reward of iniquity " Indulgences!

It was believed that the mashyah in person, the Virgin Myriam and many saints had won during his lifetime, a "surplus" of merit that could be distributed among the infidels or less faithful practitioners.
To lessen the guilt and shame of these sinners, the Holy Roman Catholic Church Christian, during the late Middle Ages European, becomes "business" with this "free" in exchange of course, part of the heritage of the unfortunate.
"The sale of indulgences, painting Augsburg, about 1530
During the pontificate of Pope Leo X (1513 - 1521), this practice reached its peak.
Dry here is a list, that's right, a list of some of the pardons and set their values ​​or payments.
The ecclesiastic who incur carnal sin, either with nuns, cousins, nieces, godchildren or, finally, with any other woman, be absolved by paying 67 pounds and 12 pence.
2. If Ecclesiasticus, besides the sin of fornication, ask to be absolved of sin against nature or bestiality, must pay 219 pounds and 15 pence.
But if you have sinned against nature with children or animals, and not with a woman, pay only 131 pounds and 15 pence.
The priest who deflower a virgin will pay 2 pounds and 8 pence.
The religious who want to be Abbess after you have delivered to one or more men simultaneously or successively, in or out of the convent, pay 131 pounds and 15 pence.
Priests who want to live in concubinage with their relatives pay 76 pounds and 1 salary.
For every sin of lust committed by a layman, absolution will cost 27 pounds and 1 salary.
7. The adulterous woman to ask for absolution to get rid of any process and be given to continue the illicit relationship will pay 87 pounds to the Pope and and 3 pence.
In an analogous case, the husband will pay the same amount if they have committed incest with her own son, will be adding 6 pounds by consciousness.
Absolution and sure not to be persecuted for the crime of theft, burglary or fire cost the guilty 131 pounds and 7 pence.
The acquittal of manslaughter committed against the person of a layman will cost 15 pounds, 4 pence and 3 pence.
If the killer has killed two or more men in a single day, pay as if one murdered.
The list of "naughtiness" is long, with at least 35 following payment terms.
To read more, see: THE BLACK BOOK OF CHRISTIANITY - Two Thousand Years of Crimes in the Name of God. Authors: Jacopo Fo., Sergio and Laura Malucelli Tomat

95 Theses
As 95 Teses de Lutero
Luther's 95 Theses
"The Castle Church where Luther nailed his 95 Theses"
The "disputation of Dr. Martin Luterosobre the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," known as the 95 Theses, challenged the Church's teaching on the nature of penance, the authority of the pope and the usefulness of indulgences. 95 Theses boosted theological debate that eventually resulted in the birth of the Lutheran tradition, Reformed and anabaptistasdentro Christianity.
This document is considered by many as a landmark of the Protestant Reformation. The action of Luther was largely a response to the selling of indulgences by John Tetzel, a Dominican friar, delegate of the Archbishop of Mainz and Pope. The aim of this campaign fundraising was funding the Basilica of S. Peter emRoma

If Luther were alive today and saw the current frame of this true faith larceny.
What will he say?
Does he parabenizaria their leaders?
Who is qualified to respond, respond!

"Adorned gold"
The mysteries of No. 666!
On his forehead is written a name "MYSTERIOUS"
If the case is a mystery, so lacks wisdom to understand it; And that's exactly what the Scripture says of truth ... one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast is the number of man, and it is 666.
Hizayom = Revelation 13.
Speaking of the No. of the Beast, we understand that paragraph is the beast that rose from the sea. Since the signal is the Beast who has risen from the earth.
Before calculating your number, let's talk about some characteristics of the Beast 666.
In Danyahu = Daniel cap-7 says that she came in the form of a small spindly little horn among other 10 horns.
Has grown, and this spindly little horn had eyes and a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies against the Eternal Creator Yahweh. Made war with the saints of the Most High and won. And in ch-8 from 0.11 to 15. Says she would throw truth to the ground ... and do it prosper! In the book of Revelation appears the same features ... a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies against the eternal and against his "name" are the same characteristics of the 7th head of Apo-13 and 17.
Thus showing that the prophetic passages of Danyhau 7 and Apo-caps-13 e17 speak the same reigning power! Here will be a curious, the beast blaspheme also the NAME of the Everlasting.
8-horns 8-chifresthe horn has grown and had a mouth speaking blasphemy ... papacy! About 666 beast to make war against the saints and to overcome them, there are seven passages referring, one time two times and half a time, 42 months and 1260 days, Daniel Danyahu = 7.25, and 12.7. And Revelation Hyzayom = 11,2,3. and 12,6,14. and 13.5.
This is prophetic time, so they are 1260 years of great tribulation, and extended 538-1798 = era of Mashiach. Click to close

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"Chair witches"
This was the time when the beast 666 Roman church persecuted tortured and killed thousands of faithful followers Yahshuah accused of Judaism. Mainly through the "holy inquisition" whose horrors are told by historians that ... it is virtually impossible not to associate the Inquisition to claim a moment of history ... even sadder is to see that it was created and directed by an institution that was built upon slogans like; love of neighbor, love and kindness!
Understanding this scary face of the Christian church?

"Execution of heretics in the yard of the royal palace in Lisbon." Eighteenth century "

Others have also reported on the Inquisition; Crimes of the Papacy were so terrible and cruel, that if such power had not come to existence, we could say that the prophecy would have failed spectacularly highlighted.
Since the history of the world ever recorded other power which the prophetic references and specifications; would apply, as faithfully and accurately.
And yet ... the noon of the papacy was the midnight of the world! It is clear that the evil catholic Christian church and its system deployed "fire and sword" did and does to humanity! The story is the strongest evidence against it "Babylon" the great whore and her daughters. With passing bloody and fishy gift, only able to share with Nazism the podium dedicated ideologies deadliest human history. Ficheiro:Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition.jpg. Galileo Galilei in the court of inquisition = _facing_the_Roman_Inquisition.jpg "THE PROCESS OF GALILEO GALILEI" In the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church Catholic Christian by the grace of God, having been appointed inquisitors-general of the Holy See Catholic Christian, we see that thou, Galileo Galilei, son of Vicente Florentino Galilei; 70 years of age by the year 1613 You were denounced at this tribunal of the Holy Office, by virtue of considerares true the false doctrine that the sun is the center of the world. And accepting the idea that the earth is not mobile. Having the theologians and doctors considered these absurd theories and erroneous ... and we have found that after you've been warned, publicaste in Florence, a Book entitled Dialogue of the two systems in the world. Corpenico of Ptolemy, in which you continue to defend the same opinions ... you declare Galileo strongly suspected of heresy. You should publicly disown your theories contrary to the teachings of the Church. And ordered that the Dialogue is prohibited and that you own imprisoned in the jails of the Holy officio; Getting to our order (process galileo).

The so-called "holy inquisition" cloaked by false religion, and full of the worst atrocities committed in the name of faith, which says promoter of charity the world has left this legacy sinister!

In the Middle Ages (fifth to fifteenth centuries) taking advantage of the disappearance of the great Roman Libraries, and the almost total absence of editorial activity in Europe, the Catholic Church Christian gets in fact a monopoly on all of the writing, and information.
The people are left in ignorance purposely. Scripture reading is discouraged even if access (rare case) to a copy. Little by little the Christian Catholic Church imposes its dominion over society. Long, religion has served to moderate the human impulses! Especially those who belong to a less privileged social class. We highlight the prejudice that the world has suffered relegation mental tax with the beliefs and religious superstitions. With the knowledge of the truth suffers stagnation sensitive. Ficheiro:Francois Dubois 001.jpg"Massacre of St. Bartholomew, Francois Dubois" In killing night call S Bartholomew in France, about 70 000 "heretics" Huguenots were killed on 8/24/1572. This massacre followed as closely to the election of Pope GregorioXIII; What dir would, be to serve as a party at her coronation!. "The holy Pope" received the news of the massacre with immense joy. then published a jubilee throughout Europe. In order to that, he said. Christian people rejoice with your boss, for this magnificent holocaust offered to the pope by King Charles of France. When the news reached Rome. The exultation of the clergy knew no bounds. Pope Gregory XIII accompanied by his cardinals, were in long procession to the Church of S Luiz and sang the "Te-Dum". And in vatican city can still be seen in the pictures of the painter Wasssary, the description of the massacre. The king in council plotting the killing, and killing own; (s Bartholomew Massacre by Henry-W).

"The fire lit by Chase Christian Church"

The Holy Inquisition was established in 1231 by Pope Gregory IX.

1231 ... Pope Gregory IX at the Council of Verona creates and regulates the Inquisition. 1252 ... The Pope Innocent IV suggests, by a bull, the use of torture. 1478 ... Under, the influence of kings Catholics Christians, Ferdinand and Isabella, the Church in Spain Assumes ......... inquisitorial functions, with papal approval of Pope Sixtus IV. 1483 ... The Dominican Fray Tomás de Torquemada, becomes Grand Inquisitor of Spain. Celebrizando ........., for his ruthlessness in dealing with heretics. 1492 ... Spain wins the Muslim Turks in garnet, unifying ......... Christian kingdoms, and imposing itself, the Jewish and Islamic.

1533 ... The Polish astronomer Nicholas Corpênico concludes that the earth revolves around the sun.
Due ........... the Catholic Church's opposition Christian, who claimed to be the center of the Earth ............ Universe. Corpênico only discloses his theory already dying. 1536 ... In the Portuguese city of Évora and Lisbon, the inquisition starts running, ........... With permission of Pope Pius II

It takes place in 1540 ... the first auto-da-fé in Portugal.
Auto-da-fé was the summary execution ............ of heretics condemned to death by the Inquisition tribunal; 1542 ... At the initiative of Pope Paul III, changes the name of the holy inquisition to-officio. 1545 ... Pius III deploys officially the Inquisition in Spain. 1571 Starts working ... the holy-officio in Spanish America, in the city of Mexico. 1591 ... You start the first visit of the Portuguese Inquisition in Brazil. 1596 ... In a lawsuit filed by the Inquisition in Mexico, are brought to the fire, 9 persons "of the Carvajal family. 1633 ... In Italy, the Inquisition accused Galileo of heresy for his claim on the theory Corpênico.

Stuck ........ he portrays, but is condemned by the Catholic church Christian, to house arrest for life. 1674 ... For the first time, a second major inquisitorial visitation comes to Brazil. 1773 ... An Act of the Marquis of Pombal in Portugal prevents the distinction between Christians and heretics. 1813 ... It abolishes the Spanish Inquisition. 1821 ... Dissolve the Inquisition in Portugal. 1859 ... The papacy definitely extinguishes the court of the Inquisition. (The Inquisition Silvia Cintra Franco-Iberian and Sergio Reinard-pgs 46-48)An Auto-da-Fé is a ritual of public penance or humiliation of heretics, the Inquisition conducted mainly in Portugal and Spain. The first Auto-da-Fé took place in Seville during the year 1481, with the execution of six men and women. The Inquisition had a little less power in Portugal, having been established in 1536 and lasted officially until 1821, although it has been very weak with the regime of the Marquis of Pombal in the second half of the eighteenth century. The first auto-da-fé in Portugal was held September 20, 1540 in Lisbon, where the Rossio square served as the place of performance, although they are also known case in the Palace Square, as is the image. In Porto there was only an auto-da-fé, as well as in Mexico, Peru and Brazil. The last Auto-da-Fe in Portugal took place on August 7, 1794, against the traditional sentences of hundreds of innocent people being sentenced to prison only a man who had insulted the Church.
In Brazil she never installed a permanent court, but their action is exerted by visitors, de Mendonça Hector stolen between 1591-1595. And Teixeira landmarks between 1618-19. Or bishops who were delegated powers to make arrests, confiscate property, and sending the prisoners to Lisbon for trial. Bahia was the most intense stage of inquiries; From 1591 to 1624 there were processed, 245 people accused of Judaism. In 1646 over 100 convictions were made.
And the self-faith in 1771, 52 Brazilians were "execution" The last Brazilian sentenced to death by the "Holy Inquisition", died in self-faith, 1748; Cultural Almanac April 1983 pg 617. One of the most celebrated of heretics in Brazil, was the Costa Ana Arruda, was born in Olinda Pernambuco. Ana was charged on the second day of January 1599, by his aunt Beatriz Fernandes, who under torture denounced practicing heresy. In16-12-1599, Ana is incarcerated in Lisbon 24 years of age. Took the first interrogation on 07.04.1600. And came out of self-belief celebrated in Ribeira in Lisbon on Sunday the 08/03/1603, and was c ondenada to retract the accusation and then incarcerated in Schools General to submit, to indoctrination. On 06/09/1603. Do not know if Ana returned to Brazil.

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"Instruments of torture in the" holy inquisition, "
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Padre Anchieta hanged john boles

Brother Damian, Father Cicero and José de Anchieta, all killed in the name of God, were tortured and murdered religious who were against the Christian Catholic Church, or had another faith or were judeu.Toda and anyone who was not a Christian, or were

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